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For whatever matters most, make it easier for potential job seekers to find your job ads.  At Myjobfactory, we help your job ads reach job seekers wherever they are on the vast internet.  BE FOUND...fill your hiring funnels with suitable applicants...

The #1 programmatic Recruitment - Marketing Platform

Looking for qualified, ideal candidate personas for all of your open roles? With Myjobfactory, the entire web is your oyster.

Reach a larger and new audience on the internet like Google Display Network, a group of more than 2 million websites, videos, and apps where your job ads can appear, that reach over 90% of internet users across the globe. 

Myjobfactory allows your ad to be  shown based on features of your ideal audience (candidate persona) , such as their personal interests, age or gender. This means your ad can show up on sites related to your business, or to users who match the specific criteria that you've specified.

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Search Ads

Search ads are part of programmatic ad inventory, displayed specifically on search engine results pages. They are  marketing techniques that involves placing digital advertisements inside search engine results. The beauty of search advertising is that your brand is creating advertisements based on keywords that potential consumers are searching for. So, your ads represent whatever a customer intended to research, particularly when ads are optimized for local intent. 

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Display Ads

Video content is engaging, immersive, and can drive action through emotion.  Can showcase a employee value proposition, company culture, video testimonials of current employees, office tour videos, that otherwise may be difficult to convey in a regular text-based ad.


Video Ads

Display advertisements are online ads that combine copy and visual elements with a call to action (CTA) message.  Display ads are visually appealing, cost-effective, and a measurable way for a brand to reach their marketing goals. 


We do the job ads. You do the hiring.

We build your Employee Value Proposition, Employer Branding ideas, promote Company Culture through search, display and video ads.  "Pitch" your job vacancies across the internet.

Employee Value Proposition

Let your EVP reflect in Job Ads....

An employee value proposition is a message you will target your candidate persona with. Why should your potential candidates come to work for your company? What can you offer them that other companies can’t ?  The employee value proposition is so much more than just a great salary. It also includes opportunities for career advancement, challenging work, working on interesting projects and with cutting edge technology, great company culture, attractive workspace, etc

Myjobfactory has been built with this very intention to boost your job posts with EVPs like perks, benefits, compensation packages by way of displaying your set of compensation through photos, videos, and ample description space, be it commission, overtime pay, bonuses, profit sharing, stock options, allowances etc.  Let your EVP come through your job posts....


54% of candidates want to know about perks and benefits 

according to LinkedIn survey
60% of candidates report that perks and benefits are a major factor in considering a job offer according to a Glassdoor survey.

Welcome to Perks & Benefits: The New Battleground !

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Salary isn’t the only way to compensate employees for a job well done. With millions of job openings to choose from, job seekers are seizing the opportunity to switch roles. In order to attract exceptional talent to fill these open positions, hiring managers must regularly assess their hiring processes and determine what will draw strong candidates.

Think beyond plush interiors & amazing office addresses.......png

A recent report from the World Economic Forum found that a ‘sense of purpose’ in work is the second most important criteria for job seekers  considering a job, after salary. It’s not difficult to predict that if candidates don’t believe or support your company’s mission, they won’t accept your job offer – and you’ll lose out on good talent.

Employer Branding

Promote your Employer Branding activities through Job Ads

In order to make yourself their employer of choice, you have to be able to trigger your perfect candidates’ interest by differentiating your company from your competitors.  Employer brand is a term referred to describe a company's reputation and popularity from a potential employer's perspective and describes the values it gives to its employees. It is a company’s reputation as a place to work. In other words, employer brand is how people perceive the company’s values and work environment.

Employee Testimonials


Candidates trust employee testimonials 3 times  more than any other information given to them. - Linkedin Research

Company Culture

Let your Company Culture resonate through your Job Ads

Let your Company Culture come through your job ads....At Myjobfactory we make it possible through video and display ads..

Company Culture - a combination of values, beliefs, behaviors, and attitudes of the organization – is undoubtedly the most important factor when looking for a new job.

Company Culture makes people feel that they “fit in”, and defines the boundaries within which work is carried out on a day-to-day basis. So when you’re hiring , finding ways to showcase your organization’s culture in your job posts can have a big impact.

Not only is showcasing company culture great for attracting candidates to your volume hiring roles, but it also gives them a clear insight into the company and role before starting, which is great for reducing attrition.

Our  Purpose

 Our purpose is to help businesses become brand employers that helps them to attract team personas whose aspirations, interests, intents are INSYNC with the founder’s vision & mission, company’s culture & organizational values and goals.

Row your business to success..Build successful 
teams . 

In rowing, the coxswain is the member who does not row but steers the boat and faces forward, towards the bow. The coxswain is responsible for steering the boat and coordinating the power and rhythm of the rowers.

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