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We use AI powered Programmatic Technology

Programmatic recruitment is the use of software and data to ensure your online job ads are in front of the right people, at the right time, at the best possible price. Still with us? There’s a bit more…

Let’s be clear – when we talk about “programmatic job advertising,” we’re not talking about moving away from job portals. Job portals aren’t going anywhere! We’re talking about how to achieve better results from this important recruitment marketing channel and from your job ads.

Programmatic job advertising (or programmatic recruitment advertising) is the use of technology for buying, placing (distributing), and optimizing job ads – and their associated budget – automatically across the Internet. It is the application of a machine-driven, rules-based approach to buying recruitment (advertising) media that ensures the most relevant and effective use of budget.


With hiring organizations spending nearly a third - and sometimes more - of their recruiting budget on job sites, getting 10, 20, or 30% additional hires out of the same budget is massively impactful. Today, the fastest route to accomplishing this is by layering programmatic technology onto the job site market and other places where job seekers live, work, and play online. Adding programmatic ensures you get the hires you need by reaching across the entire job-seeking market and efficiently using your existing job ad budget.

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70% of the total workforce is passive talent, which means that only 30% are actively searching for jobs.  This data is scary isn't it ?  Passive talent may or may not be on job portals but they are definitely there online, on the web.  Programmatic technology helps your jobs ads to reach those passive talent at the right place and at the right time.

Ajay Alandkar, Founder & CEO, Myjobfactory

90% of hiring organizations who try programmatic recruitment never go back !

(Source: Aptitude Research)


Why choose Programmatic Recruitment Technology ?

Programmatic recruitment  is one way for businesses/enterprises to advertise on digital screens. Before programmatic ad buying, digital ads were bought and sold manually, making the process expensive and unreliable.  It’s designed to replace human negotiations with machine learning and AI-optimisation. The goal is to increase efficiency and transparency for both the advertiser and the publisher.

It enables you to customize your target job seekers by location, keywords, language, interests, and more. You can even target people who have already expressed interest in your product based on their search history or visited particular pages on your website. This way, your job campaigns can only be seen by high-quality applicants and you’re not wasting advertising money on the wrong crowd.

Over 75% of recruiters believe that programmatic advertising is the future of

job advertising.

How does Programmatic Recruitment technology work ?

Programmatic advertising is defined as the automated buying and selling of online advertising space. But actually, it’s much more than that.  The market for digital advertising space is run by ad exchanges, who operate computerized auctions that bring together both parties of the transaction:

  • Advertisers, who want to buy ad space on the internet.

  • Publishers, the website owners with digital space to sell.


Programmatic advertising takes the entire process to a new level. It uses algorithmic software that handles the sale and placement of digital ad impressions via ad exchange platforms – in a fraction of a second.  Below is a technical representation of how the entire process works:


The average click-through rate for programmatic job ads is 2-3 times higher compared to traditional job ads.

How does Programmatic Recruitment technology benefit ?

Employer Branding...

Builds your Employer Brand

Programmatic recruiting gives your company more visibility on the Internet.  And the more visible a company is on the web, the more attractive it becomes to potential candidates.

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Passive Candidates

Reach Passive Candidates

They are very rarely on job boards. Their LinkedIn profile is often left unattended. And yet, they represent a large part of the market. With programmatic HR, you can reach these candidates by presenting them with an opportunity they may not have considered. 

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Candidate Personas

Attract Candidate Personas

It empowers you to laser target your ideal candidate persona.  Myjobfactory will builds your job ads taking into account specific motivations, aspirations, pain points etc

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Cost & Time

Reduce Cost & Time

With targeted ads, you are more likely to reach qualified candidates and therefore reduce your recruitment costs and time too.

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Programmatic job ads have a higher conversion rate, with up to 20% of candidates applying within the first 24 hours.

A candidate persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal job candidate. 

Although our team will dig deep into your business and help you build an ideal candidate persona, but it is the programmatic technology which will make your jobs ads on Myjobfactory reach your ideal candidates based on their search intent, their location, education, aspirations and much more.

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Get more qualified applicants

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