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Taxiwars is a platform that provides taxi drivers with the opportunity to submit bids for ride prices, allowing customers to choose the best and most preferred offer.

Experience Fair Pricing and Empowered Mobility

A one-of-a-kind bidding system that empowers you to choose fares, fostering transparency, collaboration, and innovation, transforming the way we use taxi services, together for everyone.

About us....

Taxiwars is a platform where Taxi drivers can bid for the prices for a ride and the customer will choose the best and most preferred price. The driver gets 90% of what is paid by the customer and gets paid the same day. We don’t have any algorithm in the back end, which means, the drivers can bid for competitive prices which will be beneficial for the customer. We believe that customers and cab drivers both are the kings and our business benefits both. We don’t’ discriminate between peak and nonpeak hours as we don’t set the prices by ourselves. Now the drivers don’t need to wait for the weekly pay cycle to get their money. Most excitingly luxury and regular car drivers can compete with each other in the bid. Drivers will get their payment immediately after dropping customers at the destination.

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Co-Founder & Execution Specialist

Baner, Pune, Maharashtra, India

Social Media Content Creator

Baner, Pune, Maharashtra, India

Google & Meta Ad Specialist

Baner, Pune, Maharashtra, India

Django Developer

Baner, Pune, Maharashtra, India

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