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Recruitment Marketing: The future of hiring

Recruitment marketing is the combination of strategies and tools used by an organization to engage and entice job candidates in the pre-applicant phase of recruiting. It aims to promote the value of working for the organization and establish a corporate culture or brand to attract candidates.

If you’re an HR professional in today’s candidate-driven job market then you already know how hard it can be to fill open positions with great candidates. Candidates are now in demand. These days, they are in control and they get to pick and choose where they want to work. And with so many other companies competing for these same candidates, it can seem impossible to get top talent’s attention.  But with a well-rounded recruitment marketing strategy, it can actually be quite easy to build your talent pool and keep it filled with a steady stream of great candidates.

"Till the time Recruitment is considered as a Sales task rather than a Marketing activity, Companies are going to have a poor

Offer-to-joining ratio."


Hiring mein bhi toh "marketing" karni hai -  Ashneer Grover

Hiring mein bhi toh “marketing” karni hai. – Ashneer Grover
Ashneer Grover ji is actually talking about using marketing concepts to ease hiring and attract talent.
A  Rs. 3 Lac BMW bike is indeed an amazing employee value proposition for new joinees but only for those employers who can afford it.
Another simple and affordable way is to “market” your jobs on Myjobfactory by mentioning opportunities for  career advancementchallenging work, working on interesting projects and with cutting edge technology, great company culture attractive workspace, etc.

Stop chasing candidates away.

Do this instead...

Why should your potential candidates come to work for your company ?
What can you offer them that other companies can’t ?
What Employee Value Proposition do you have for them ?
The way we recruit has changed. Compared to just a few years ago, candidates now have far more power during the job search ,  the current job market is 90% candidate - driven. That means you don’t pick talent anymore. Talent picks you.

ढंग के लोग  नहीं मिलते - Ashneer Grover

ढंग के लोग इसलिए नहीं मिलते, because their Employee Value Proposition is not in place...

ढंग के लोग इसलिए नहीं मिलते, because their Employer Branding ideas are not implemented

Ashneer Grover ji rightfully highlights the pain points of all those entrepreneurs who are struggling to find candidates with similar ideals and vision.

Problem is that we are now living in a candidate-driven job market.

The solution lies in “marketing” your job requirements.


Why you can't afford to ignore a positive candidate experience ?

Below is an article mentioning top reasons why an amazing candidate experience matters ? Kindly read on and let me know your views in the comment box.

candidate experience1.png


One simple solution is giving an amazing candidate experience which is a simple key to successful recruitment.  A positive #candidate experience can establish trust and loyalty with your applicants, who will become promoters of your company and enthusiastically boost your reputation as an employer, even if they were rejected for a position.


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