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Only a Recruiter will understand how it feels like when an HR head’s KPI is affected by longer time to hire, no-shows on DOJ, unable to find quality candidates, cultural misfits etc despite having multiple avenues to hire talent especially the online job portals…..

We, at Anushka Jobtech, have been encountering the above problems repeatedly in our decade long recruitment experience.   We decided to solve these problems and dared to take one step further which led to the creation of Myjobfactory.  Hence, we are not only a mere recruitment consultancy firm or neither a job posting site…We are a Recruitment Marketing, Employer Branding & a social hiring platform aimed to help Employers in reducing their hiring time and improving their Offer-to-joining ratio in a candidate-driven job market.

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Merely, focusing on hard work and doing good is not enough.  I always believed in doing the right things, because no matter how hard you work, you are not going to get it right till the time you do it in the right way.  At times, the right way could also be inverting the problem, a simple strategy by German mathematician named Carl Gustav Jacob Jacobi called "man muss immer umkehren” which loosely translated means – Invert, always invert.

Inverting the age-old employer-employee dynamic in the context of recruitment…..All these years, the job seekers have always putting their best foot forward by way of his or her CV.  At Myjobfactory, we enable the Employers  to market their organisation and vacancy to potential candidates through Employee Value Proposition.

The message is loud and clear: Stop posting your job vacancies, start "pitching" !


Ajay Alandkar, Founder & CEO

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Build synchronized, focussed and a dedicated team

Team building is not about hiring people who can dance to your tunes but hiring people who are INSYNC with the founder’s vision and mission.
Businesses are nothing without the people who work behind the scenes. While the entrepreneur may have big dreams, it is ultimately the team with whose help he/she can realize the goals. 

Mission & Vision

We are on a mission to help organizations (startups to enterprises) for building a successful team. We envision a world where businesses are hiring the right people with similar ideals and passions.

Our alignment with SDGs


Reduced Inequalities

Myjobfactory, an ai based hr marketing platform, is designed to provide an equal opportunity for candidates. By virtue of AI powered programmatic technology, job posts on our platform reaches a diverse pool of active and passive candidates with diverse sexual orientation, gender, race etc who are spread all across the internet & beyond job portals


Decent work & Economic Growth

Myjobfactory helps early stage startups, MSMEs, SMEs & established businesses in becoming sustainable brand employers so that they can seamlessly hire team personas who are in sync with the founder’s vision & mission and company’ culture positively impacting productivity which further helps startups to expand and become globalized business entities

This is what our customers have to say on us:

Teesa Kurian, Sr. HR Ex.,
ABEC - Asian Business Exhibitions &
Conferences (I) Ltd.

Amazing work done 4 Closures in one month, Star vendor for the month of Dec 2013. Good Job and keep it up team. Hope to see more closures and maintain a wonderful relationship ahead.

Sweta Prakash, HR Manager,
Raviraj Realty P. Ltd.

Myjobfactory provided an exceptional service from last three years in filling our managerial role and other position too. His knowledge and experience of the industry was vital in bringing quality candidates to the table. “Highly recommended”.

Manju Jacob, HR-Head,
Sarvatra Technololgies P. Ltd.

We appreciate your prompt service in finding suitable candidates for our company. Your cooperation has helped to keep our recruitment smoothly and has led to a good relationship between our two Companies. We look forward for many more years of working with you.

We are pack of recruiters and this is where we operate from Symbiosis Centre of Entrepreneurship & Innovation.  We are workaholics but we simply love nature.  It simply brings out the best in you.  We are human human beings and interact with fellow startup entrepreneurs too.


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