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Your candidate personas are beyond job boards and everywhere online..  

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Why Myjobfactory

AI powered Programmatic Tech

Get in front of job seekers when they’re searching for companies like yours.  Only pay for results, like clicks to your website or calls to your business. Myjobfactory reaches your job ads where candidates search for jobs. Your job ads can appear on the web at the very moment someone is looking for vacancies like yours.  

Whether they’re on desktop or mobile, a well-timed job ad can turn a job seeker into valuable candidate.

We know what we're doing

We have build a platform that powers programmatic revolution in recruitment.  We are a team of passionate recruitment marketeers. Recruitment is our Forte..As a team we collectively have got a recruitment experience of 20+ years.  And hence we understand how it feels like when an HR head’s KPI is affected by longer time to hire, no-shows on DOJ, unable to find quality candidates, cultural misfits etc despite having multiple avenues to hire talent especially the online job portals…..

Unparalled Industry Insights

We have bought and optimized hundreds of job ad clicks and hundreds of millions of applications. The data we have tells us what works, what doesn’t & why. How qualified are the applicants you’re getting?  How likely are candidates to complete an application after clicking on one of your job ads? How is your job ad copy impacting your ability to attract applicants from diverse backgrounds or underrepresented groups within your industry or function? Words matter.

Who we help

Entrepreneurs, Employers, Talent Acquisition leaders like you !

Whether you conduct high-volume hiring or are focused on few of key roles, Myjobfactory gets your job ads in front of qualified, candidate personas We work with companies across industries including Startups to Enterprises, in IT / Non-IT, warehouse/logistics, healthcare, retail, and many more.


Powering the next wave in recruitment


Job Campaigns


Skill Sets




Reach your Ideal Candidate Persona

Hiring is a stress for many is just a fact of life. In fact, a recent study showed HR won the dubious honor of being the most stressful profession.

One simple solution is building a candidate persona. A well-done candidate persona benefits us by giving us a clear idea of who we are looking for and where to look for them, and this makes the recruiting processes more effective and easy. It also helps our employer branding strategy to be more relevant and attract the right people.

Market your jobs on myjobfactory and reach the right people at the right time and at the right place on the internet.
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“Programmatic recruiting technologies use software and data to efficiently advertise your open jobs across the Internet. Programmatic recruitment is the use of software and data to ensure your online job ads are in front of the right people, at the right time, at the best possible price."

Ajay Alandkar, CEO & Founder, Myjobfactory

Our Solutions

Fill your hiring funnels with qualified Candidate Personas

The #1 programmatic Recruitment - Marketing Platform

Looking for qualified, ideal candidate personas for all of your open roles? With Myjobfactory, the entire web is your oyster.


We do the job ads. You do the hiring.

We build your Employee Value Proposition. We showcase your company culture. We promote your Employer Branding Ideas and so much more....

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Your comprehensive solution for local and global talent.

Myjobfactory's global solutions provide a faster, data driven path to find ideal candidate personal around the globe through programmatic technology..

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Find more qualified candidate personas

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