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Thanda matlab ‘Coca Cola’ – we all would have seen this advertisement but one rarely knows the efforts put behind the same.  It was not a soft drink being sold to the consumers but an idea that created perception about thirst quenching product in the market. Likewise, there had been many campaigns for different brands in India which brainwashed consumer’s minds and empanelled thoughts to become loyal for the product. And the one who navigates all such crazy ideas gets its own recognition by the industry.

Today’s world has become more competitive than before and every Tom, Dick & Harry claims to be creative dog who can drive other’s business while failing in his own. They don’t use creativity for their own business and that’s what makes them another local agency. Some of their aspects could be very different and convincing but they don’t come up as single window for all solutions for the brand. Agencies have authority to use best means to prove their worth but brands must follow the below parameters while selecting a smart agency –

1. Don’t go by awards – We are behaving like school kids ! The one who tops is the best, naaaaaaa – a big no. Winning awards is prestigious but winning consumer’s heart is more worthy. As quoted earlier, Coca Cola campaign had totally changed the brand perception and created high impact regarding product’s usage in summers. Imagine every guest being welcomed with cola flavoured drink which boosted the sales to exceptionally high level.

2. Expression of interest – Brands want to earn money, so do agencies. It’s not wrong to fetch money out of one’s pocket till you are delivering satisfactory services to the client but best agency will take a step ahead to take care of its clients. It may have lesser clients but 100% of them are loyal. Even during the hardship, agency will show same interest level as it is at the peak of its business. Brands should know how it feels working day to day and solving problems with your ease & comfort.

3. Leadership at work – Your business deserves the top talent. Better know about the credentials of people working in the organisation. Meet them, know their past, understand their future goals and acknowledge their willingness to align with your goals. It’s always hard to fathom the insights of a person but invite them for a group activity meeting common interests. It could be a playground, coffee shop, theatre / gallery, etc where you can exchange your thoughts efficiently and create more interest & loyalty amongst one another. Every business is made of people and the ones who match your interests can be really helpful in going forward for long term association.

4. All agencies are not efficient – One can’t excel in all disciplines that’s why specialisations are created in every field. Agencies always strive to convince others that they are the best in all what they do but that’s not real. Every agency has some expertise which might change with time but can’t be expert in all areas. An award winning agency could be building best ads while other could be excellent in campaigns, an agency could be great source for media buying while other may have brilliancy in public relations. Overall they do nothing but showcase their efficiency in one area and try to prove the same in other services. An apt selection of agency will be based on brand’s needs and not the expertise of the agency.

5. Neither fast nor slow – An agency claiming to answer your problems in maggi time could prove to be dangerous at a later stage. Every problem whether catering to a child or a brand requires in-depth study to address the right solution. It can be another challenge for agency but brand has put all elements at stake and it can’t afford to take for granted. Brand wants worthy solutions at the right moment, not the instant solutions which may harm later. Agency roaring to answer fastest may not answer the best solutions while the ones staying busy in research are equivalent to spend 99% of time in foreplay. They neither enjoy themselves nor let the clients do and become the victim of Paralysis by Analysis. An apt choice will be moderate use of time providing intelligent solutions.

- Mohit Thukral is GM – Marketing at Tech9 Labs, Fitness Lover, Digital Marketeer, Author

Marketing professional with 10+ years of experience in multi-dimensional projects ranging from brand launch, product launch, setting up sales channels, product / service approvals, brand collaboration, etc. Having served in various MNCs, I have been consulting firms on marketing activities like ATL, BTL, Film making & Digital space. Apart from my work, I love running marathons & practicing yoga; and have organised 200+ programs for corporate employees. Carrying an excellent sense of humor, I perform stand up comedy & poetry to entertain people. My best selling book is "Eat What You Want & Lose Weight".

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