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Bridging the Gap: Navigating the Abyss Between Interview Expectations and Workplace Realities

Have you ever walked into a job interview feeling like you were stepping into a world of endless possibilities, only to find yourself in a workplace that seemed like an entirely different universe? If so, you're not alone. Join us as we explore the often comical and sometimes bewildering differences between the promises made during job interviews and the chaotic realities of the actual job.

The Interview Illusion:

The job interview is like a carefully choreographed dance, where both parties put their best foot forward in a delicate exchange of expectations and aspirations. Employers paint a picture of a dynamic, supportive work environment, while candidates dazzle with their skills, experience, and enthusiasm.

The Honeymoon is over :

Fast forward to the first day on the job, and the Wonderland of the interview becomes a labyrinth of surprises and challenges. What was once promised as a "dynamic" environment feels more like a slow-motion replay of corporate bureaucracy. Instead of the supportive work culture, you find yourself navigating through a minefield of office politics and passive-aggressive emails popularly called as stinker mails. The honeymoon is over. What happens to the promises of dynamic environment, career growth, vibrant culture, our office staff is our family (biggest lie ever on earth) . It disappears in thin air.

Job seekers are unrealistic. They want interviews to be scheduled on a Saturday but are looking for Companies who have 5-days week. Now, who's gonna come to office for conducting that one interview of yours ?? !! I have been scheduling interviews for more than a decade but such requests still do come in. And I am sure many HR are facing this problem. It's essential to consider the company's operating schedule and interview practices. Effective communication, flexibility, and understanding of each party's needs can help facilitate a smooth interview process while respecting both the employer's and job seeker's priorities.

HRs are unrealistic too. They have 90 days notice period in their Companies but when it comes to new hiring, they want immediate joiners. When companies want to fire any employee, they'll fire immediately. But if someone wants to resign, they'll ask him to serve a non-negotiable 3 months notice period. Here lies another hypocrisy. A 90-day notice period can severely limit an employee's flexibility to pursue new opportunities or address personal circumstances. For example, if an employee receives a job offer with a shorter notice period, they may be forced to choose between forfeiting the opportunity or risking potential consequences for breaching their contractual obligations.

Whom to blame ? Both are liars, anyway !

The adjacent pic had gone viral on linkedin just few months back. Claudio Fernandez-Araoz, global expert on hiring at executive search firm Egon Zehnder, has interviewed thousands of executives in more than 40 countries. He also is a frequent lecturer at Harvard Business School. In a recent interview with “Mint”, he speaks about his experience with talent and potential.

Bildnachweis: Egon Zehnder In his career he as interviewed about 20,000 people which translates to nearly four interviews per day over 20 years. And what he has learned from that is: “a typical interview is a conversation between two liars. The hirer will tell the candidate that come and join us in is a spectacular place, look at the integrity...we change the world, society... And the candidate who is desperate to get the job would say that the day I join you it will be like walking in paradise.”

Embracing the Journey:

So, what's the key to bridging the gap between interview expectations and workplace realities? It's about embracing the journey with a sense of humor and a healthy dose of skepticism. It's about finding joy in the unexpected and laughter in the absurd. After all, in the unpredictable world of work, the only certainty is the uncertainty.


The divide between interview promises and workplace realities may be vast, but it's also where the magic happens. It's where dreams collide with deadlines, where aspirations meet adversity, and where laughter is the best survival strategy of all. So, the next time you find yourself caught between the illusion of the interview and the chaos of the actual job, remember to keep your sense of humor close and your resume updated. After all, in the comedy of corporate life, the show must go on.

Welcome to the circus, dear readers. It's time to embrace the chaos and find the humor in the journey.

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