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Job interviews are like First Dates. Good impressions count. Awkwardness can occur. Outcomes are unpredictable. Well…such an apt Quote I came across through Google. Interviewing is often an unpredictable exercise. You're threading the needle between selling yourself and your accomplishments, while also being humble and self-aware. Say too much and you're unlikeable. Say too little and people wonder if you really have the necessary skill sets. You are to sell yourself, but please note that this is NOT a sales presentation.

Keep in mind that the interviewer hasn't done your job at your company, and they can't read your mind. So, instead of simply listing out all the things you did at your last job, speak to the value that your work added to the team, product, or company. I understand the pressure at the interview. I suggest try to be as authentic as possible.

So, want to nail your next interview? Read on for five of the most common mistakes I've seen as a recruitment Consultant:

BEING UNPREPARED: Almost everyday we get atleast one feedback from our Clients that the candidate we sent was unaware of the Job Description and Company profile…Despite we mailing them the JD in detail along the Company’s website and verbally requesting to go through it thoroughly.

I mean…Are you serious ??? By not bothering to familiarize yourself with the JD / Company’s website, the interviewer is left wondering if you even want the job since you didn't put in the time to go through it. Such candidates’ waste the recruiter’s time, my time and their own time too…I wonder.


Interviewer: What makes you want to work at us ?

Candidate: A recruiter reached out to me, so I thought I would come in.

Oh Come On guys ! Grow Up !...Please also try to understand that recruitment is a very long process..I cannot explain it over here in the post. The interviewer has invested their energy and passion into the company they are at, and they want to hire someone who has the same commitment and excitement. Hearing you say you don't really have a particular interest in their company is an instant turn off.

If you are unsure of your interest, say you are excited about the opportunity to learn more rather than give a half-hearted reply.


Interviewer: What are you looking for in your next role?

Candidate: Growing my scope and managing a larger product set.

Scope and impact go hand in hand. Proving yourself makes it possible for you to grow your influence. Interviewers want to work with someone humble and willing to learn, not someone who sees the job as a stepping stone to something more.

Instead, explain how you want to further the company and the team, not just yourself. Show you're a team player by explaining how you've successfully managed projects through to the end.


Interviewer - What are your weaknesses?

Candidate - I work too hard…I am too honest…I call spade a spade…I am straight forward.

Trust me guys, these are all bullshit answers. Such answers only depict your lack of self awareness and confidence. What really is your greatest weakness????

Couching it in a positive response makes interviewers think you are not self-aware enough to provide an answer, which means you are not open to growth.

By sharing what you are working on and what clear, concrete steps you are taking to improve, you will build a connection with the interviewer and humanize your challenges.


Interviewer: We are looking for a Brand Marketeer ?

Candidate: That's easy. I have done it a dozen times before, here's how.

When you're in an interview, listen to the question, but also consider the rationale behind it. The interviewer is asking the question to learn more about your skill set. How you respond to it says a lot about your ability to not only answer the obvious question, but also your deductive reasoning skills

So, during your next interview demonstrate that you will bring a level of commitment and energy to the job by showing a passion for the job, the company, and the people. Enable an interviewer to see your mindset, flexibility, and self-awareness so they know you can listen to feedback and grow. And, connect with them on a human level. Show you are someone they would love to work with everyday. Trust me…If you take care of the above points…Not only will you get that job, but also, Salary negotiation will be an easy job.

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